We offer a wide variety of interior design and contracting services to meet your needs. For existing spaces, we can review your current setup, and identify opportunities to improve aesthetics, efficiency, and layout.

Concept Development:

  1. Bubble & block studies
  2. Path of travel studies
  3. Elevations & 3-D Sketches

Space Planning:

  1. Partition plan to maximize usability for the client, be aesthetically pleasing in the third dimension and to abide by all building codes
  2. Furniture plan showing all new and existing items

Permit Application:

  1. Co-ordinate design drawings with consulting Engineers
  2. Fill out all related paperwork and apply for the building permit (BCIN certified)
Construction Drawings:

  1. Title page showing all important project information
  2. Demolition drawing
  3. Partition plan including a legend of wall types, door / frame schedules and elevations
  4. Power, telephone and data “preferred location” drawing including a symbols legend
  5. Reflected ceiling plan, including a fixture legend and specifications on a “preferred location” basis for light fixtures, diffusers etc…

Site Supervision

  1. Supervise construction to ensure that the intent of the design and the construction drawings are being adhered to
  2. Answer any questions that Contractors may have via phone, email, or on site
  3. Problem solve issues that may arise during construction
  4. Act as liaison between the Contractors, Consultants and the Client

Colours & Finishes Selection and Co-ordination

  1. Choose floor and wall finishes
  2. Millwork cabinetry design and finish selection

Finishing Drawings:

  1. Floor finish key plans, details and specifications
  2. Wall finish key plans, details and specifications
  3. Elevations of key areas
  4. Millwork drawings including elevations, sections, and details

Sample Board Layout & Construction

We create presentations boards to display all the finishes being used in the new space.  These are useful…

  1. To leave on construction site so the contractor has a record of correct materials.
  2. To attract potential clients for a landlord trying to sell or rent a space.
  3. To get staff excited for coming changes.
  4. To help you visualize the look of the new space.

Lighting Selection & Procurement

Decorative lighting is like artwork.  It’s the finishing touch that provides dimension and interest to make your space more functional and beautiful.

New Artwork Selection & Procurement

Art says a lot about how who we are, and how we see the world.  We can find the perfect piece for you, or have it made custom too.

New Furniture Selection & Procurement

Finding the right furniture, at the right price, to meet your needs and maximize the value of your space.

Existing Furniture and Artwork Inventory & Move Management

  1. Compile a complete inventory of all existing furniture, artwork, equipment and appliances
  2. Analyze items based on aesthetics and function
  3. Suggest supplementary options to existing if necessary
  4. Include all suitable existing and new furniture, equipment and appliances in furniture plan
  5. Label all existing furniture, artwork, equipment and appliances to be moved to new facility
  6. Prepare moving plan and schedules for movers
  7. Be on site to help movers locate where each item is to go
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