Universal Design

A welcoming environment for everyone

While you may not require any design improvements to your space right now, think about those visiting your office or home. Do you have clients, friends, parents, grandparents or other visitors who are may have accessibility issues? Considering these features in your interior design will make your space easier for them to navigate, keep them safe and allow all guests to move through the space with a sense of dignity.

What is universal design?

All design is problem solving. Universal design is a protocol where we create interior design solutions  that are inherently accessible to everyone, including people of all ages and abilities.

What are some of the features?

Barrier-Free space planning to accommodate mobility devices, comprehensive lighting plans for the vision impaired, Lever handles for opening doors, light switches with large flat panels, kitchen counters at several heights to accommodate different postures.

Can universal design look good?

With experience, universal design can be seamlessly integrated into a beautiful, functional and cost effective space.

Guiding Principles

Safety and Accessibility

Low Effort
Low Effort and Flexibility

Work Space
Smart Design and Use of Space

Our Design Process


1. First Conversation

Our first contact will help us establish some key information about your needs, budget, scope and timeline.


 2. Initial Consultation

After establishing your needs, we will visit your space for further assessment. A consultation meeting is important to determine the full scope of work and understand who the stakeholders are. We will review and prepare any formal estimates.


3. Making Choices & Making it Happen

We will create a comprehensive design, plan and schedule and work closely with you to deliver it on-time and on-budget.

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